Reiterlesmarkt and Christmas season
A winter fairy tale since the 15th century.
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A winter fairy tale since the 15th century

Reiterlesmarkt and Christmas season
in Rothenburg o.d.T.

Year after year, the medieval Rothenburg transforms into a winter fairy tale. Since the 15th century, our enchanting Christmas market has accompanied the festive Advent season. With over 500 years of lived tradition, our market has preserved its historical origins. Learn more about the fascinating history of the Reiterlesmarkt and the beautiful Christmas season in Rothenburg.



Christmas Market in Rothenburg

Reiterlesmarkt and Christmas season in Rothenburg

The magical kickoff for the Rothenburg Reiterlesmarkt always takes place on the Friday before the 1st Advent at the Marketplace. Gracefully, the mysterious ‘Reiterle’ rides in on his horse, offering greetings to the waiting crowd. Once the words of the Mayor of Rothenburg have faded, the magnificent Christmas tree at the heart of the Marketplace lights up in a festive display of lights.

The Rothenburg 'Reiterle':
From mysterious figure to friendly messenger

Since the 15th century, our wonderful Christmas market has accompanied the festive Advent season. The origins of this ‘Reiterle,’ to which our Christmas market owes its name, date back to a bygone era when it was considered a messenger from another world. In ancient times, it was said to glide through the air during the winter, following the souls of the departed.

However, over the centuries, the image of this mythical figure has transformed. Once instilling fear and dread, the eerie figure has now become a friendly messenger enjoyed by young and old alike.

©Rothenburg Tourismus Service, W. Pfitzinger

©Rothenburg Tourismus Service, W. Pfitzinger

Fairytale Christmas time in the old town:
A walk through history

The Old Town of Rothenburg provides the perfect backdrop for the Reiterlesmarkt. Surrounded by festively adorned half-timbered houses, the scent of cinnamon, mulled wine, and roasted almonds fills the air. In the lovingly crafted wooden huts, you’ll find handmade gifts, intricate Christmas decorations, and regional delicacies.

As night falls, the Reiterlesmarkt transforms into a magical sea of lights. The sparkling illumination of historical buildings and the warm glow of Christmas decorations create an enchanting ambiance. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of our Christmas market! We look forward to welcoming you to our Reiterlesmarkt!

Reiterlesmarkt and Christmas season


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