Pentecost Festival in Rothenburg
                                                  A historical journey through time
Pentecost Festival in Rothenburg
                                                  A historical journey through time
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A historical journey through time

The Master Draught
and its Pentecost Festival in Rothenburg

Rothenburg welcomes you to the medieval world of the annual Pentecost Festival and the ‘Master Draught’ (german: “Meistertrunk”)! If you are seeking a unique experience that combines a touch of history, captivating parades, and the sounds of live music on a picturesque meadow, then you are in the right place.



"The Master Draught"

Breathing life into a historical legend

The Pentecost Festival in Rothenburg ob der Tauber opens with a spectacular play that brings history itself to life.

The festival play “The Master Draught” takes you on a breathtaking journey to the year 1631, in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War. When the town was besieged by imperial troops and the situation seemed hopeless, the people of Rothenburg made a courageous move. Mayor Georg Nusch proposed a bold agreement to the besieging General Tilly. If he managed to empty a huge cup of wine in one go, he would spare the town. The challenge was accepted, and when the cup was empty, the city was saved.

This festival play and its epic legend of the “Master Draught” catapults you straight into the 17th century. Magnificent costumes, rousing music and talented actors breathe life into this historical episode. Here you will not only experience the heroic act of the mayor, but also the deep bond between the people of Rothenburg and their city and culture.

The spectacle is performed several times during the Pentecost Festival, giving you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating story.

Pentecost Festivals, parades and historical groups

During the Pentecost Festival, you can look forward to spectacular processions that transform the streets of Rothenburg into a vibrant living history book. Historical groups in stunning costumes showcase life and customs from past centuries. The attention to detail and the participants’ passion are fascinating, bringing the past to life in a unique way.

Pentecost Festival, Culinary Delights & Live Music in Rothenburg

The Pentecost Festival Meadow

The Pentecost Festival Meadow, located outside the city walls, is the place where the magic of the festivities continues. In the evening, you can admire the historical groups that have set up their camps surrounded by torches, campfires, and tents. Don’t miss the live music that fills the night with sounds and entices you to dance!

Festival Meadow: When & Where?

Anecdotes & little surprises

At the Pentecost Festival, there are always amusing anecdotes and surprises that make the experience unforgettable. From actors engaging with visitors in entertaining ways to spontaneous performances in the streets – there’s always something happening.

Immerse yourself in history, witness captivating processions, and enjoy the magical atmosphere on the Pentecost Festival Meadow. It’s an experience that will transport you to another time while savoring the joys of the present. See you there 😉

Pentecost Festival & the 'Master Draught'

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From traditional festivals to cultural events: The medieval events & gatherings in Rothenburg ob der Tauber bring people from around the world together year after year. Whether historical reenactments, musical performances, or colorful processions, in Rothenburg, there are medieval delights for every taste.

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