The Gerlachschmiede in Rothenburg
                                                                  Immerse yourself in a fairy tale world

Immerse yourself in a fairy tale world

The Gerlachschmiede
in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Welcome to the enchanted world of Gerlachschmiede in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a true gem amidst the fascinating timber-framed artistry. The visible timber framing, skillfully placed between the roof rafters, presents itself as one of the most impressive half-timbered buildings in the entire region and is an absolute photo hotspot!

The Gerlachschmiede is a fairy tale of timber framing and history, where every coat of arms, every rose bush, and every curved roof whispers a story.

The Gerlachschmiede in Rothenburg

A timber-framed house straight out of a fairy tale

With its funnel-shaped structure, curved roof and characteristic weather vane, this forge embodies every fairytale cliché. The aesthetic appeal is so beguiling that it could easily serve as a backdrop in films by Walt Disney or Tim Burton and, despite stylistic differences, fits perfectly into any individual setting. 

The history and reconstruction of the Gerlachschmiede

Until 1967, the Gerlachschmiede served its original purpose as an active forge, where horses were shoed. Today, it is privately owned and shines as a magnificent relic of bygone times, which can only be admired from the outside. Surprisingly, despite its proximity to the Rödertor, the building is younger than it appears. In the tragic final chapter of World War II, the forge was completely destroyed during an air raid in 1945.

However, with dedication and a love for historical detail, it was rebuilt by 1951. The old coat of arms between the muntin windows, the lovingly planted window boxes, and the rose bushes in front of the building enhance the impression that this structure could have sprung from one of the Grimm fairy tales.

Insights into the architecture: The treasures of Gerlachschmiede

While most tourists admire the Gerlachschmiede from a distance, we recommend experiencing this architectural gem up close. The south facade of the house is famous for its unique shape and magnificent details, starting with the intricate coat of arms featuring a crowned green serpent and symbolic blacksmith tools. On the north side, a historic horseshoe door, once used for goods transport, impresses, along with a medieval iron trade sign adorned with blacksmith tools and the year 1469, serving as a living testament to the building’s historical roots.

Living heritage:
The art of blacksmithing in Rothenburg

The town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber still pays tribute to the art of blacksmithing today and preserves this living tradition. Take a stroll through the town and discover decorative wrought-iron store signs that illustrate the importance of blacksmithing in the town. Visit Rothenburg during one of the medieval festivals, such as the Rothenburg Pentecost Festival, to watch blacksmiths at work throughout the town and experience the fascinating art of ironworking up close. A magical insight into the impressive world of blacksmithing awaits you.


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