The Plönlein in Rothenburg
            Probably the most famous medieval landmark
The Plönlein in Rothenburg
            Probably the most famous medieval landmark
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Probably the most famous medieval landmark

The Plönlein
in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The Plönlein, romantically translated as the “little corner by the fountain”, is by no means just a collection of buildings. Rather, it is an enchanting square that stretches out at the entrance to the Spitalviertel and is the epitome of a typical Rothenburg old town motif in all its heart-warming splendor.

Here, history and beauty merge into a living painting that reflects the soul of the town in every stone, every corner and every fountain. A place where past and present linger together in a harmonious dance.

The Plönlein in Rothenburg is not only a historical site but also a source of fantasy and inspiration.

The Plönlein in Rothenburg

An enchanted place

A delightful yellow half-timbered house sits enthroned in the heart of the Plönlein, attracting and enchanting the eyes of visitors. But the Plönlein reveals much more than just this charming façade – it is a symphony of architecture, history and aesthetics. It includes the neighboring fountain, which whispers its stories, as well as the proud towers of the ancient city wall, above all the Siebersturm and the sublime Kobolzell Gate, which rise up as sentinels of time.

These architectural treasures are not just silent witnesses to the past, but living chroniclers of bygone eras. They date back to the 14th century and tell of the rich history and culture that have shaped Rothenburg ob der Tauber. A walk through the Plönlein is like a journey through time, where you can feel the breath of past centuries and enjoy the fascinating beauty and timeless charm of this historic site to the full.

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Fairytale connection between the Plönlein & Disney's "Pinocchio"

Have you ever heard of the fairytale connection between the Plönlein in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and art? This enchanting place served as the source of inspiration for one of the most legendary scenes in Disney’s animated masterpiece “Pinocchio”. Imagine the lovable wooden boy Pinocchio strolling through the picturesque alleyways of a medieval town. Walt Disney himself was inspired by his own visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and used the Plönlein as the backdrop for this memorable film scene.

But the Plönlein with its picturesque beauty is not only present in “Pinocchio”. As early as 1940, the half-timbered house on the Plönlein served as the architectural model for Disney’s classic and has since captivated numerous artists, architects and designers. It has become a symbol for the authentic depiction of a medieval European setting and can be found in a wide variety of media. Be it in video games such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2, in music videos such as Lil Dicky’s “Earth” or even in comics and Japanese manga such as “Little Snow Fairy Sugar” from 2001 – the Plönlein has a firm place in the artistic world.

The Plönlein is therefore not only a historical place, but also a source of endless fantasy and inspiration. A visit to the Plönlein will take you into a world where reality and fiction merge. The romantic atmosphere and unique architecture will enchant you and inspire your imagination.

A history that can still be felt today.

The Plönlein has long since become a supra-regional symbol that radiates far beyond the borders of Rothenburg. Artists, architects and filmmakers have been inspired by its timeless grace and authenticity, and its presence has been immortalized in numerous creative works.

Today, the Plönlein is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting settings of the Middle Ages and exerts an irresistible attraction on visitors from all over the world and is the perfect place for souvenir photos ;-).

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