The History Vault in Rothenburg
                                                       The Dungeon of Rothenburg

The Dungeon of Rothenburg

The History Vault
with state dungeon in Rothenburg

Discover the eerie History Vault in Rothenburg, also known as the Dungeon of Rothenburg. Unlike the dazzling shows in Hamburg or London, this is not a staged performance – here, you can expect an authentic immersion into the oppressive reality of medieval prison cells.

The History Vault

A dark path in the heart of Rothenburg

The entrance to the dungeon leads you through a narrow, low corridor, permeated by darkness. Upon entering, it becomes evident that this is no ordinary place. The oppressive atmosphere is palpable in front of the three prison cells, with a wooden stretching rack right in front, intensifying the eerie impression. Even though the stretching rack was added later and it’s unlikely that anyone was tortured here, the confined space and darkness truly lend a frightening authenticity to the room.

Witnesses of the 30 Years' War:
An impressive exhibition

Above the dungeon, another part of history opens up in Rothenburg’s historical vault. Here, the historical festival association “Der Meistertrunk” (Master Draught) presents an impressive exhibition.

The rooms, once a chamber of commerce for markets around the town hall, now house a fascinating collection of original exhibits. Immerse yourself in life and warfare during the Thirty Years’ War. You will find yourself in front of a cannon from that time, the barrel pointed menacingly into the void. Flags tell of gruesome battles, while restored weapons and uniforms reveal silent stories of past battles.

Lively play scenes in the history vault

The facts and stories of the Thirty Years’ War come to life through vivid scenes in the historical vault. You immerse yourself in the historical past and experience history not only through narrations but up close. The historical vault of Rothenburg ob der Tauber thus provides you with a fascinating glimpse into an era that comes alive within the walls of Rothenburg.

History Vault

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