Rothenburg Imperial City Days
                                    over 750 years of the imperial city
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over 750 years of the imperial city

Imperial City Days
in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Every year, on the first weekend of September, Rothenburg ob der Tauber opens its gates for the Imperial City Festival, whisking its guests away to the golden era of times gone by. The entire Old Town transforms into a massive medieval camp, immersing visitors in the fascinating history of the city.



Parades and historical groups

A Living Museum of Rothenburg's History

Historical groups from various epochs of Rothenburg’s history gather for this unique spectacle. Before the impressive Rödertor, the tents of the brave knights are pitched, while the troops of ‘Meistertrunk’ (Master Draught) from the Thirty Years’ War march through the streets. In the picturesque Herrngasse, you’ll encounter medieval citizens and the Schillingsfürst peasant mob. Admission is free.

Parades and historical groups

With an impressive 27 different historical groups, the Old Town not only becomes the backdrop of the past but also a living museum of Rothenburg’s history. The camps of these groups stretch both within the Old Town and outside the city walls, such as on the festival grounds or at the idyllic Kummereck.

© Pfitzinger

© Pfitzinger


Torchlight procession & historic battle on the 'Eiswiese' in the Tauber Valley

An absolute highlight of the Imperial City Festival is the atmospheric Friday evening. In an impressive torchlight procession, all the groups parade from the double bridge in the Tauber Valley through the old town to the market square. There, a crowning fire and light show with music awaits you at the town hall – a spectacle that revives the atmosphere of bygone eras.

An authentic re-enactment that takes visitors back to the turmoil of past battles and brings the history of the town to life in an impressive way. The Imperial City Festival in Rothenburg ob der Tauber promises an unforgettable weekend full of historical fascination and exciting experiences once again this year.

over 750 years of the imperial city

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From traditional festivals to cultural events: The medieval events & gatherings in Rothenburg ob der Tauber bring people from around the world together year after year. Whether historical reenactments, musical performances, or colorful processions, in Rothenburg, there are medieval delights for every taste.

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