German Christmas Museum
                          by Käthe Wohlfahrt

by Käthe Wohlfahrt

German Christmas Museum in Rothenburg

Experience the festive atmosphere of the German Christmas Museum (Käthe Wohlfahrt), right in the heart of the romantic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Here, you can enjoy a unique Christmas experience all year round – a true celebration that makes hearts beat faster

German Christmas Museum by Käthe Wohlfahrt

A stroll through the fascinating Christmas world

Step into the German Christmas Museum ‘Käthe Wohlfahrt’ and let yourself be enchanted. A life-sized nutcracker warmly welcomes you at the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a lovingly crafted replica of a snow-covered Franconian marketplace.

In the center, a five-meter-tall white Christmas tree slowly rotates, creating a fascinating Christmas atmosphere with its 12,500 lights and over 1,600 tree ornaments. Additionally, an enchanting atmosphere has been created with 2,000 meters of pine garlands and over 122,000 Christmas tree bulbs.

The most popular photo motif – the nostalgic gift express from Käthe Wohlfahrt

Before the Christmas Museum, you will encounter a sight that makes hearts beat faster: the nostalgic gift express from Käthe Wohlfahrt. This colorful bus is not only a sought-after photo motif but also a symbol of unforgettable moments that you can take home with you. People from all over the world capture these memories, creating lasting experiences.

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German Christmas Museum

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