The castle garden in Rothenburg
                                  Where history meets blossoming beauty

Where history meets blossoming beauty

The castle garden
in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Welcome to the enchanting castle garden in Rothenburg ob der Tauber! Not only lush flowerbeds and picturesque views await you here, but also a fascinating history dating back to the 12th century.

Find out more about the history of the old castle and the mysterious “earthquake” that once sealed the fate of this fortress and paved the way for the enchanting castle garden. Plan your trip and experience the magic of this incomparable garden that takes the hearts of all visitors by storm.

The castle garden is a harmonious interplay of blossoming splendor and historical heritage, where the beauty of nature touches the soul and history comes alive.

The castle garden

Enchanting views & historical magic

In the majestic castle garden, enchanting viewing platforms open up to the left and right with magnificent panoramic views over the picturesque Tauber Valley. Heading north, you will discover the charming district of Detwang with its unique church, which houses the wooden altar by Tilman Riemenschneider – Rothenburg was first mentioned here in 960.

A pleasant hiking trail leads directly from the castle garden to Detwang, about 20 minutes for this relaxed route. On the way, you pass the inviting “Unter den Linden” beer garden by the idyllic Tauber river. To the north, the charming Toppler Castle can be seen through the canopy of trees.

To the south, the view opens up from the castle garden over the enchanting “An der Eich” vineyard into the Tauber valley with the imposing Kobolzell church and striking double bridge.

History of the old castle

The history of the castle garden in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is closely interwoven with the imposing past of the old castle complex that once stood proudly on this site. Originally laid out as a kitchen garden for the mighty Counts of Rothenburg, it not only offered the rulers a place of peace and relaxation, but also reflected royal splendor and beauty. Amidst the centuries-old walls, you could literally feel the relics of times gone by, when the castle was a central part of the impressive townscape.

The mystery of the "earthquake"

However, the fate of the old castle took a dramatic turn, which was triggered by a mysterious event. Historians and traditions tell of an alleged “earthquake” in the 14th century that caused the massive fortress walls to tremble and reduced the proud castle to rubble. This mysterious event became known as the “Great Rothenburg Earthquake” and remains a mystery to this day.

Interestingly, there are also other fascinating stories from that time. It is said that during this era, stones were needed to expand the city. However, these stones were difficult to reach as they were located in the remote Tauber Valley. The curious thing is that the mysterious earthquake did not occur nearby, but in Switzerland, leaving all of the town’s buildings intact – with the exception of the castle complex in the castle garden, which was destroyed. A coincidence? Well, we leave the answer to this riddle to you 😉 .

The renaissance of the castle garden

After the supposed “earthquake”, the once proud castle remained abandoned and fell into oblivion. However, over time, the enchanting castle garden emerged from its broken walls and today attracts visitors from all over the world. In the 19th century, the former castle courtyard was transformed into an idyllic garden that cleverly retained its historical charm. Where the solid walls once stood, fragrant flowers and lush green plants now spread out and the castle garden shines in new splendor.

Blossoming splendor and incomparable atmosphere

The castle garden in Rothenburg ob der Tauber transports visitors into a world of blooming splendor and an atmosphere that is second to none. It is a place where you can stroll through artfully laid out flowerbeds and enjoy the view of the medieval town that spreads out picturesquely before you. Roses in a wide variety of colors, fragrant lavender fields and exotic plants create an enchanting backdrop for relaxing walks and hours of rest.

Throughout the year, the castle garden is transformed into a kaleidoscope of changing colors and facets. In spring, the flora comes to life and the cherry and apple trees blossom in all their glory. Summer indulges the senses with an abundance of colors and scents, while in autumn the leaves glow in warm tones and create a picturesque backdrop. Even in winter, the garden retains its charm when it is covered in a delicate blanket of snow, creating a magical atmosphere. A visit to the castle garden is like a journey through the seasons, giving every visitor unforgettable impressions.


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